I'm not usually a blog user. I have always imagined this blog being left for new process, my DIY wins and fails, and also to highlight any designers or projects. But sometimes something new and worth documenting comes along. 

A couple of weeks ago I ended up having a spill in some wet grass and as I fell, heard a snap. 5 girls carried my body into the house and helped me ice and take care of it. Until I have children, will remember this as the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life. 

The next morning the girls and I got into the car and headed for the mid point of my dad's house and where we were staying. Shortly after being X-Rayed at Branson West Cox Emergency Room, they told me it was just a small fracture. [TIME OUT HERE. Check out that X-Ray below and tell me it doesn't look like it's broke clean in half].  I came back up to Kansas City and the real experts here told me I broke both my tibia and fibula. To quote the doctor outside the room I was in, "Jesus Christ! I can't believe that they would make her travel like this". Surgery time!



Fast forward into the future
After lots of pain killers, time in bed, and healing I am now 50% Polish, 25% titanium and screw and 25% human.  I've got 2 crutches, 1 shower chair, 1 set of handle bars for my toilet, and a walking boot if anyone needs to borrow one in the future. 


I now have three more weeks until I can walk with a CA Cast (or a walking boot). I think that's just in time for a Christmas Miracle. 

Note to the readers: If you ever had an orthopedic problem go visit Dr. Henning with Midwest Orthopedics. He's a great doctor and he probably saved my leg from being deformed and crooked for the rest of my life.