Documenting Process

As a designer sometimes we just get caught up in showing the end project or result. I personally find the process just as important. So why doesn't designers show or defuse that more? I relate process and sketches as some behind the scenes content that shows how we work.  


Who cares if it's not perfect. As we all know, know one is perfect and that's why we usually don't show the client everything. Most clients don't understand or care how designers think during the concepting stages.  

While concepting, I try to take a moment and have peers review my sketches. Sometimes, a really great result can come from sharing before things are too concrete. 


Sometimes another designer can follow your thought process and add ideas or suggest a similar but more clear icon or path to take. 

I encourage people of all levels of talent to get out there and share. Judgment is just how we are as humans. Might as well put that to some good use!