Reinventing Retail is an exhibition created to focused on the future of retail and where Barkley's innovation lab, Moonshot, envisions these technologies and experience to be like. The exhibit consisted of 10 different elements or "stations" viewers could interact using iPad, iPhones, face recognition, virtual reality projections, and command driven devices like Leap Motion and Bytelight.

Viewers could also view trends of the past and present to get a full scope of what has been developing and being used in the world of retail and product sales. 

Another fun device to build was the interface and UX for a retail window that is controlled by the users smartphone. This way, points of retail can switch out backgrounds, models, and products with the swap of a line of code instead of messing with the hassle of breaking down large window productions.

Other displays in exhibit (but not pictured above) include: augmented reality living room furniture, face recognition store window, smart cart, 3D printed items, and more.